Event Management


Our Event Management division covers several disciplines. We own and operate, or have joint involvement in, entities that cover events that are micro-niche targeted. Our interests include…

  • Prom Night Events
  • Grad Night Events
  • Corporate Fighter
  • Mystery Mark Festival

prom logo 2014 smallProm Night Events is our busiest entity. It’s an event management firm, specifically involved in the micro-niche area of High School Formals, however only the top 10% of that market.

Prom Night Events is the preferred sales and marketing partner for 50+ of the most desired function venues in the Australian events market and has exclusivity to act as agents in this market for internationally recognised brands such as Hilton, Four Seasons, Starwood, Intercontinental and Accor, among many others.

gradwebGrad Night Events is a spin-off entity based on the Prom Night Events model, however applying a slightly adjusted version of said services to University and Tertiary Education institutions.

The product and venue range is the same but the execution is suited to a more mature market.


cfc-logo2Corporate Fighter is the fight-night division of Corporate Fitness Centre, which is the business of a related family enterprise that operates up-market boxing gymnasiums here and abroad, designed to offer character and team-building programmes to the young corporate executive market using the rigours and disciplines of boxing.

ELK’s activities in this area are consultative in order to lift the standard of the overall product in order to bring it into line with global franchise expectations for the business model.

Mystery Mark_Full Logo_Colour on transparentMystery Mark is a dance music festival aimed at a 15 to 19 year old demographic audience. This involves large scale events comprising top Australian acts and audiences of between 13000 and 20000 patrons.



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