Security, Intelligence & Legislative


Although not what we’re best known for, our activities in the Security, Investigation & Legislative Reform arenas, as they apply to our other interests directly, are interesting. They include…

  • TransPacific Protective Services

In legislative reform, we have identified various areas of state law that are flawed, outdated or not in step with current industry / market trends or constantly changing community standards and expectations.

When we identify those areas of legislation that have negative impact on markets we operate in, we sometimes seek to identify areas of potential improvement and lobby government through appropriate channels to affect positive changes where possible. This is a long and arduous, yet fruitful and very satisfying exercise when successful.

We’re proud to have made significant contributions to areas of legislation in NSW.

transpacific logoTransPacific is a consultancy-based security organisation that does not provide manpower. It does however provide advice and equipment as needed.

Advice comes from consultants and experts with decades of security and investigative experience across several industrial disciplines. We assess needs, design site plans, write procedures and conduct personnel training for a multitude of scenarios.

logo-300x115CP-SIIG (Corporate Protection, Security, Investigations and Intelligence Group)

CP-SIIG is an organisation that comprehensively and uniquely brings together the elite from; Federal Law Enforcement, State Law Enforcement, Military, Intelligence, Personal Protection and Security Services.

ELK & Sons CEO is on the elite list of service providers to CP-SIIG.



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